ILTA Committees

2020 ILTA Committees
AUDIT David Smessaert
AWARDS Kurt Laker
BYLAWS Ruthann Stenger
CONVENTION  Miranda Bray
EDUCATION Kathy Riland-Hinton
ITPAC Justin Cochran

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Bylaws Committee  
The committee shall consider all proposals to amend, and may on its own propose amendments, to the bylaws of the Association. Skillsets Sought: bylaw experience, governance, parliamentary procedure, policy development.  

Communications Committee
The committee shall (a) oversee and assist in the creation and distribution of all routine publications of the Association, such as printed and electronic newsletters and/or directory. (b) The committee shall be responsible for the maintenance of the handbook of the Association. (c) The committee may, at the request of other committees, assist in the development, promulgation and distribution of other publications. (d) The committee shall be responsible for advising and making recommendations to the Board of Governors and the executive director concerning electronic and social media means of communication, and any other technology issues which may arise (e)The committee shall explore partnerships with charities and other organizations to create opportunities to further the goals of the Association and for the Association to participate in charitable and other activities and projects (f) The committee shall develop and execute programs and projects to promote public understanding and awareness of the land title industry and its services and shall advise the Association on issues that influence public opinion.  Skillsets Sought: writing, editing, photography, social media, graphic design. 

Convention Committee 
The committee shall work with the president and/or the Board in carrying out requirements for the annual convention and any mid-year convention the Association may hold. (b) The president shall recommend to the committee the convention format and suggested speakers for any convention business program.  Skillsets Sought: social outreach, volunteer management, program planning, surveying, engagement with members during convention, understanding member needs. 

Education Committee 
(a) The committee shall work to plan, organize, promote and be responsible for the implementation of programs of instruction. (b) The committee shall provide seminars and workshops annually.  Skillsets Sought: subject matter expert, program/curriculum development, writing, understanding member needs, surveying.

Government Affairs Committee 
The committee shall investigate, and review state legislation and regulations affecting the interests and concerns of underwriter and agency operations of the land title industry and shall report to the Board either personally or by mail, fax, or other generally accepted means of communication. Skillsets Sought: government affairs interest, strategic planning, time to be involved in quick moving campaigns.

Indiana Title Political Action Committee (ITPAC) 
The committee shall promote the interests of the Association in accordance with state and pertinent federal legislation.  Skillsets Sought: social outreach, outgoing personality

Membership Committee 
(a) The committee shall attempt to increase the number of members in the Association through solicitation of new members. (b) The committee shall process and approve or deny applications for membership as set out in the bylaws. (c) The chairperson is responsible for reporting its findings to the Board.  Skillsets Sought: promotion, outgoing, marketing, social networking, member engagement, outreach to members, surveying. 

Young Title Professionals Committee 
(a) This committee shall include all members who are under the age of forty (40). (b) This committee shall organize social and networking activities for young title professionals and other members. (c) This committee shall advise the Education Committee on relevant topics for upcoming educational events geared toward young title professionals and their professional development. Skillsets Sought: social outreach, event planning, generational relevance.

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What is ILTA?

A lot has changed in our industry, but our strong commitment to our members remains the same. Since its formation in 1907, the Indiana Land Title Association has worked to protect the land title industry in Indiana. Amid the changing regulations and the ups and downs of the market, ILTA has stood by its members to offer high-quality education, networking opportunities, and legislative advocacy. We stand for the highest principles of professionalism and consumer protection, advocating for the safe and efficient transfer of real property. A home is likely the largest investment any individual will make in his or her lifetime, and by ensuring accurate searches, promoting fair and professional closings, and supporting important insurance coverages, ILTA protects Indiana consumers' property rights.