COVID-19 News and Resources

The ILTA is dedicated to providing updated information and news regarding county and court closures throughout the state of Indiana as well as assistance and advice for handling this unprecedented development in our businesses and communities. This page will be updated throughout the coming weeks and months as the Association learns new information. 

**Please note: this information is being provided as a courtesy and the ILTA does not guarantee the accuracy herein. We are updating this information as we receive reports from our members and other industry partners.

***Please note: for ILTA members, this information is a courtesy.  Please contact your specific underwriter(s) for questions on what to do during this time.

Current as of July 20, 2020, 11:00 AM.
County Information and Links E-recording?
Adams The Recorder's office is closed to the public. Limited access by appointment only. Call 260-724-5343.
Adams website
Yes; Everything except for Large Plats and Surveys
Allen County Offices are closed to the public through May 11. Staff are in the office daily from 8-5. Access by appoinment only.
Allen website
Yes, Everything

Starting Monday, June 1st the Commissioner will reopen our building to the public by appointment only through Monday, September 8th(Extended further if need be). Documents may still be placed in our drop box if you prefer. 

  • Masks required
  • Limitation of One (1) individual only for each appointment
  • Public must be met at back door (only) by office with appointment, and must go through temperature check.
 Bartholomew website
Benton Offices are open; however, appointments must be made in the office.  
Benton Website
Blackford County offices will be open to the public beginning Monday, May 11. Masks are required to enter the building. Enter from the north side only.
Blackford website
Yes; no deeds
Boone Open, but has been closed temporarily for deep cleaning. 
Boone website
Brown Beginning Monday, May 4th, Brown county offices will be staffed Monday-Friday, 8 am - 4 pm. Access to the public will be limited. Call first for access.
Brown website
Yes. eRecording is available and you can drop documents at the Recorder’s office for recording
Carroll Open to the public June 22. Masks are required. Public must use the North door. Our deeds are available back to Jan. 1978 on Doxpop and our Mtgs. and Misc. documents are available back to Jan 1984 on Doxpop.
Carroll announcement
Carroll website
Yes; no transfer documents
Cass Closed to the public. Staff is available by phone. Access by appointment. 
Cass website

Closed to the public.  Working with short staff, which may change next week depending on the Governor’s decision. Working by mail, email, e-file and phone calls. Allowing searchers by appointment and the number in at a time since the library is adjacent to the office. 

 Clark website

Clay Will allow essential visitors (searchers permitted) as long as they don’t show any symptoms
Clay website 
Clinton County Offices are closed to the public. We are open by appointment only for searchers. They are able to search our records and we just went onto Doxpop last week.  We are recording documents by mail, e-filing, UPS & FedEx.  We are trying to maintain being open 8-4 daily. Some other offices in our county will not allow anyone in and they have limited hours 10-2.
 Clinton website
Crawford All County Offices closed to public, but continuing to process electronic recordings.  Documents may be dropped off to the Recorder The Crawford County recorder is allowing title companies to come in on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 8-4, and that can be arranged through the Crawford County auditor. There should be someone in the auditor’s office 8-4 every day except Wednesday. Their contact number is 812-338-2601.
Crawford website

For searches and non-transfer recordings by appointment only.  Call 812-254-8696.

Scheduled days for transfer recordings, Tuesdays and Thursdays  1pm-3pm. No recordings after 3pm. Searchers allowed Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 – 3.

Daviess website
Dearborn County Government has recently adopted the policy urging citizens ‘to refrain from visiting the facility unless you have immediate business that cannot wait until this pandemic from COVID-19 is under control’.   Performing title searches for the purpose of buying and selling real estate, securing mortgages, and recording documents are definitely considered immediate business. Please understand that the County’s policy is subject to change, and you will be notified as soon as possible.  For any other business, please consider putting those projects on hold for the time being.  
Dearborn website
Yes; limited to non-transferable documents
The Decatur County Courthouse is open by appointment only. Contact the office by phone to set up an appointment. 
Decatur website
Yes - Accepting erecordings and recordings via usps/fedex/ups
Open to the public with social distancing
DeKalb website
Yes; except large documents and surveys
Delaware County Offices closed to the public - access by appointment only.
Delaware Notice 3/18/20
Delaware Notice 3/22/20
Delaware website
County offices are opened to the public Monday May 11th.  Searchers are permitted by appointment only by calling the Recorders office and will be limited to two people at a time.  Masks must be worn and all social distancing requirements will be enforced.  Records may also be accessed on DoxPop.  We are accepting all recordings via in person, mail, Fed Ex, UPS, and E-Recording.  
Dubois website
Elkhart Now Open. Masks are required. 
Elkhart website
Fayette Fayette County Courthouse is still closed to the public until May 19 when the Commissioners will re-evaluate the situation. Beginning May 6, the Recorder's office will allow searchers by appointment only. No one will be admitted without an appointment and only two searchers at one time. Recordings can still be mailed to the office for processing. DoxPop is still available for access to documents from 1994 forward.
Fayette website
Floyd City-county building closed to public as of 3/18. Some employees will be allowed to work from home; some will be allowed in to work under restricted circumstances. Access by appointment For a Laredo account, email 
Floyd County Commissioner Bulletin
Floyd website
Fountain County Offices are closed to the public 3/19 - 4/3. Searchers are still allowed by appointment.
Fountain website
Franklin Closed to the public. Appointments for searchers on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
Franklin website
Fulton Offices closed to public except by appointment effective March 19. Temperature taken prior to entering and please wear a mask.
Fulton website

Gibson County  opened to the public May 18th

Security is requiring screening at south side entrance door.  Searchers are permitted in

Research room by appointment only.  Please wear face mask before entering & handling the

Books.  Call 812-385-3332
Gibson website

Grant All county offices closed to public.  The Recorder will accept documents for filing. Use Laredo and Tapestry for searching. Open for searching by appointment only. Email or call 765-668-6559 ext 3327 for an appointment.
Grant website
Greene Closed to the public. Appointments available for title searchers beginning May 20. 
Greene website
Green Facebook page
Hamilton Closed to the public. Access by appointment.
Hamilton Online Exemptions
Hamilton website
Hancock Hancock County Government has re-opened to the public working regular hours Monday – Friday 8-4
Hancock website
Harrison Closed to public. There are 2 people in office every day to handle phone calls and do e recordings and mail . A title searcher can come in by appointment only.
Harrison website
Yes - but not guaranteed
Hendricks County offices are closed to the public. Access by appointment.
Hendricks County Order
Hendricks website
Henry County Offices are closed to the public until further notice. Access by appointment only.
Henry website
Howard Effective, Monday, May 11, the Howard County Recorder’s Office is re-opening to the public by appointment only until further notice.  Please call 765-456-2210.
Howard County Notice
Howard website
Huntington County Offices are closed to the public. Searchers by appointment only. Encouraged to use Tapestry instead.
Huntington website
Yes; except large documents and surveys
Jackson County Offices are closed to the public. Access by appointment.
Jackson website
Jasper County Offices are closed to the public.  Searchers allowed by appointment on Fridays from 12-4.  Remote search is available now. 
Jasper website

We are closed to the public.  We are accepting appointments for searchers.  We are only allowing one in at a time so we can clean between searchers.  Our hours for searching are 9am- noon or 1pm – 4pm.  We now have security so the public needs to use the south door to the courthouse and the public is required to wear a mask and no signs of being sick.  If you have any other questions you are welcome to call 260-726-6940.

Jay website

Yes - may not be accepting
eRecordings at this time
Jefferson County Offices are closed to the public. By appointment only. Searchers can call ahead.
Jefferson website

We are now accepting documents via mail and Simplifile. Closed to the public. Searchers by appointment and they can request copies of documents by sending payment and SASE.

Jennings Ordinance

Jennings website
Not accepting paper or electronic recordings at this time.
Johnson The building is closed to the public through May 4, 2020. Full staff is working and recording mail and electronic recordings including transfer. Searchers admitted by appointment.
Johnson County Notice
Johnson website
Knox Closed to the public. Staff is in the office everyday processing mail. Access by appointment.
Knox website
Kosciusko Closed to the public. We are accepting documents for recording through mail, FedEx, UPS and Simplifile; they are being processed and recorded. We are allowing searchers to come in by appointment.
Kosciusko website

Starting May 12th the Recorder’s Office will allow one searcher in at a time so they will need to call or email to make an appointment. 260-499-6394 or

May 18th the entire building will open to the public, but social distancing will be required.  Our office is small so we will be able to do 2 searchers at a time.  They can just stop by and wait their turn or they can call for an appointment.
LaGrange website


Opening to the public on May 26. Masks will be required.
Lake website

LaPorte County Offices are closed to the public until further notice. Tentative opening date of July 6.
LaPorte website

Now open.

Lawrence website
Madison The Recorder's office is closed to the public. Limited access for title researchers by appointment only. Call (765)641-9613.  Employees are set up to work remotely.  
Madison website
Marion Marion County Community Resources  Yes
  County Offices are closed to the public
Recorder Notice
Auditor Notice
Marion website

Marshall County building is now open to the public. 8-4 EST.

Marshall website
Yes; except plats and surveys
Martin Martin County Offices closed to the public until further notice. Submit documents for recording by mail or e-file. Documents are processed daily. Searchers by appointment only.  
Martin website

The Miami County Courthouse and Annex buildings will reopen beginning, Tuesday, May 5, 2020. For the protection of our patrons and employees, the guidelines listed on their website (link below) must be followed to enter the buildings.

Miami website
Monroe Monroe County is now able to accept deeds and other transfer documents electronically. We remain closed to the public, but are doing everything we can to accommodate requests for records. Tentatively on track to receive searchers by appointment only starting June 15. 
Monroe website
Montgomery County Offices are closed to the public. Access by appointment starting June 16.
Montgomery website
Yes; non-transferable documents only. Documents can be left with security
Morgan Open
Morgan County Notice

Morgan website
Newton County Offices are closed to the public until May 18. Access by appointment only. Accepting mail, FedEx and UPS documents for recording.
Newton website
Noble 5/11 - 5/22 no one may enter without a mask. 2 searchers at a time; 2 hour blocks. Call or email for an appointment. Please submit your documents by mail, UPS, FED-Ex or e-recording (no transferables accepted as of yet).  Please call 260-636-2672 or e-mail for any questions. Documents are being processed daily. 
Noble website
Ohio Open - strongly urging only necessary visits. Accepting appointments.
Ohio website
Orange County offices are closed to the public. Title searchers are being allowed by appointment.
Orange County Notice
Orange website
Owen Now open to the public. Our public terminals are outside of our office instead of inside the office and if a searcher needs to actually look in the books themselves we are limiting it to one person at a time in the back room and just asking that they wear gloves which we provide; masks would be appreciated but are not required.
Owen website

Starting Monday May 18, 2020, Parke County Courthouse will be open to the public by Appointment ONLY.

You must call EACH office you intend to visit and make an appointment with each of them.

We will be taking appointments from 9-3.

The basement door on the Northwest side of the courthouse is the only entrance open.

There will be an officer there to greet you with a questionnaire and taking your temperature.

You must wear a mask the entire time you are in the building. If you don’t have one, there are some downstairs on the table by the officer.

If you can give us an idea of how long you think you might be here when you call, that would be appreciated so that we can set a schedule, we will only allow 2 searchers in at a time.

For those that just have a document to record, the procedure is still to leave it with the officer and we will let you know when it’s done

Parke website
Perry Reopening on 6/1. See letter regarding procedures:  Reopening Letter
Searchers by appointment only.
Perry website
Pike County offices are closed to the public unless by appointment or court order.
Pike website
Open to the public with precautions.
Porter website
Posey County offices are closed to the public. M/W/F all staff are remote. Calls are being forwarded. T/Th half staff in office. Access by appointment.
Posey website
Pulaski County offices are closed to the public. Access by appointment only.
Pulaski website

Opening June 22

Putnam website
Randolph Closed to the public at of 10:00 am 3/20
Access by appointment only with individual offices.
Randolph website
Yes; Documents may be hand presented by appointment.
Ripley Closing 3/19 to public. Access by appointment.
Ripley website
Rush Closed to the public as of 3/20. By appointment only. Recording documents by mail. 
Rush website
St. Joseph Accepting documents by e-record and by mail.  Searchers by appointment only.
St. Joseph website
Scott Remains closed to the public. E-recording of non land transfer documents through simplifile or csc.
Accepting all land tranfer documents by usps, fed-x or ups. Searchers are asked to utilize for searching and producing copies.
Searchers may schedule an appointment time by calling 812-752-8442. Only one searcher will be allowed in the office at a time. Expect longer than usual turn-a-round times for recording
Scott website
Yes; Non-transfer documents only. Submit transfer documents by mail
Shelby At this time we are closed to public, one person working in office Monday thru Thursday 7:00 to 5:00, If no one answers phone please call back -may be doing banking or picking up lunch. They expect to accept searchers by appointment once they have appropriate safety equipment.
Shelby website
Yes; no transfer documents, surveys, or plats
Spencer All County Offices closed to public. Documents may be dropped off to the Recorder and searchers are allowed to search by appointment.
Spencer website
Starke Will be scheduling appointments Monday-Friday.  The first block 9am-12pm and the second 1pm-4pm.  Only one person at a time.  You will need to bring and wear a mask.  You will only be allowed in the Recorder’s office.  The Auditor’s program is now on our public stations.  If you need to access a paper document from their office or the surveyor we will have to retrieve it for you.  If it is something we can help with over the phone or by email, we would prefer to keep doing it that way. 
Phased Re-opening Policy
Starke website
Yes; no transfer documents at this time

Steuben County Recorders office closed to public.  Appointments only  with searchers/title companies.  Processing all documents.  E-recording with Simplifile and CSC no land transfers at this time.  Copies though DOXPOP.
Steuben website

Yes; No deeds
Sullivan Access for searchers by appointment. Documents can be mailed in or they can meet you at east courthouse door to pick them up from you. 
Sullivan website

We are taking appointments for title searching on Wednesday 8-3:00 & Thursday 8-12.  You need to call at the back door of the Swtizerland County Courthouse our number is 812-427-4460. You will then enter the courthouse and a table is set out with an entry paper to sign and you need to take and record your temperature on the paper.

Switzerland website
No - accepting recordings by mail

We are back to our normal hours of Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. We have limited our public workstations to only 2 searchers at a time. One station has a 30-minute time limit and the other station has up to a two-hour time limit. If you plan on coming to our office for more than 30 minutes you are required to have an appointment. If copies are to be made by using the microfiche, you will be required to wear gloves (we will provide). Tippecanoe County does request that you wear a mask while in the building. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact our office at 765-423-9352.

Tippecanoe website

Tipton Open. Searchers by appointment.
Tipton website
Union Title Searchers are permitted in the office. It is strongly suggested to make an appointment to help limit the number of abstractors in the office at a time. Appointments can be made at 765-458-5434. In addition, a mask is required to enter the courthouse per county commissioners. 
Union website
Yes; non-transferrable documents only. Deeds must be mailed in.
Vanderburgh Reopening June 15 with screening. 
Vanderburgh website
Vermillion Currently in Stage 4 of Back on Track plan. 
Back on Track Plan
Vermillion website
Vigo County offices closed to the public. You can bring recordings and they will come out and get them.
Vigo website
Wabash Opening to the public May 26. Please wear a mask and observe social distancing. 
Wabash website
Warren Closed to the public 3/25 - 4/6. Access by appointment only
Warren website

Searcher welcoms as on June 10. However, masks are preferred and we have only 3 spots available at a time. You can have reserved seating if you call in ahead of time which will guarantee you a slot.  812-897-6165  812-897-6165
Phase II Guidelines

Warrick website

Washington Full staff as of 6/22. Searchers by appointment two searchers at a time for two hour periods & masks are required to be worn. Tentatively scheduled to open to the public on July 6th & will also require masks & temperature checks of anyone before entering the building.
Washington website
Yes; non-transfer documents only
Wayne Now open.
Wayne website
Wells Closed to the public. Access by appointment only.
Wells website
White Reopening planned for June 15. Searchers by appointment only.
White website

Open to the public as of June 15.

Whitley website
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