ILTA Committees

2017 ILTA Committee Chairs and Members

Agents Section
Matthew Byrd: Chair

Ray Summeier:  Chair
Jeff Bosse
Tom Fickle: Chair
Kim Emmert O’Dell: Vice Chair
Elizabeth Berg
David Bolton
Kelli Buckley
Matt Byrd
Andrea Ewan
Linda Givens
Adam Gwaltney
Brandi Halcomb
Kathy Hulbert
Tiffany A. Jones
Pam Kappel
Lewis Maudin
Michael Moore
Mike Poppe
Kim Racey
Matthew Russell
Mary Slade
Allyson Slesinski
Deca Williams
Mary Slade: Chair
Committee Members:
Jeff Bosse, II
Elizabeth Berg
Matthew Deulley
Andrea Ewan
Linda Givens
Brandi Halcomb
Katie Hetrick
Michael Holden
Kurt Simpson
Jennifer Coy Rash
Matt Russell
Dan Slusser
Allyson Slesinski
Deca Williams

Government Affairs
Daniel Christian & Danielle Kaiser: Co-chairs
Elizabeth Wysong Berg: Vice Chair
Beth Beech
John Bethell
Steve Bolla
Dave Clossin
Amy Comer Elliott
Stan Czaja
Craig Doyle
Andy Drake
Morrie Erickson
Andrea Ewan
Scott Fandre
Tom Fickle
Laura Francesconi
Kerry Heiser
Rick Hendrickson
Janet Hocker
Jennifer Jones
Wendy Kitchel
Kurt Laker
Jerry Leugers
Bob Liebrich
Dean Lopez
Jason Lueking
David Olsen
Steve Palmquist
Mike Poppe
Pat Quist
Kim Racey
Dan Rohaley
Matt Russell
Bob Sanders
Michael Schmitz
Mary Slade
Dan Slusser
Ruthann Stenger
Ray Summeier
Donna Thomas
David Townsend
Kathy Walker
Jennifer Wallander
Bob Wartenbe
Mark Wynn
Scott York
Kim Racey:  Chair

Matt Russell:  Chair
Joie Woods:  Vice Chair
Dan Rohaley
Jackie Mitchell:  Chair
Underwriter’s Section  
Dena Farling: Chair
Tom Fickle: Vice Chair
Young Title Professionals
Jennifer Wallander and Kyle Sommers, Co-chairs
Elizabeth Berg
Miranda Bray
Andrew Briscoe
Daniel Christian
Andrea Ewan
Jennifer Fitwater
Kassandra Green
Bethany Paden
Stephanie A. Reinhart
Michael Schmitz
Daniel Slusser
John Stafford
Ray Summeier
Kristin Thorrington-Cook
Deca Williams
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What is ILTA?

A lot has changed in our industry, but our strong commitment to our members remains the same. Since its formation in 1907, the Indiana Land Title Association has worked to protect the land title industry in Indiana. Amid the changing regulations and the ups and downs of the market, ILTA has stood by its members to offer high-quality education, networking opportunities, and legislative advocacy. We stand for the highest principles of professionalism and consumer protection, advocating for the safe and efficient transfer of real property. A home is likely the largest investment any individual will make in his or her lifetime, and by ensuring accurate searches, promoting fair and professional closings, and supporting important insurance coverages, ILTA protects Indiana consumers' property rights.