2017 ILTA Real Estate Handbook 3 Volume Set-Hard Copy and Flash Drive

 2017 ILTA Real Estate Handbook 3 Volume Set-Hard Copy and Flash Drive
Stay up to date on legal descriptions, conveyances and encumbrances with the newly updated 2017 ILTA Real Estate Handbook. Purchase both the hard copy and the flash drive for one low price.

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Legal Description
This volume of the ILTA Handbook is designed to serve as a reliable and ready reference that will allow the abstractor to comfortably venture into title-related aspects of legal descriptions, recognize when problems may need to be addressed, and converse confidently with surveyors and attorneys when questions arise.
The principles involved in legal descriptions, boundary law and land survey systems are numerable and complex. The non-legal yet very technical aspects of surveying, such as measurement theory and dealing with curves, merely add to the complicated nature of the profession. While land surveyors must be intimately familiar with all of the associated principles and technicalities, it behooves title professionals to have an appreciation and basic understanding of the same material.
In this volume, the groundwork is laid for an understanding of legal descriptions, which is an aptitude that the effective abstractor must master. Starting with an introduction that outlines the role of the surveyor vis-à-vis the attorney and abstractor, and buttressed with the historical backdrop of our land tenure system, the “Legal Description” is explored in depth.
Chain of Title
The Chain of Title volume of the ILTA Handbook is designed for various professionals in the real estate industry as a practical guide as to how ownership of land in Indiana is established and transferred. The doctrines, codes, and case law illustrate the various ways a transfer of property rights can occur by a document, a statute, or a court proceeding. The legal and technical areas of the topic sections also explain in general terms the impact of conveyance practices on future real estate transactions, preservation of rights, and the splitting of interests for securing rights or a chain of title as to land that have been a part of the framework of our society since the founding of our country. The foundation of knowledge provided in this volume leads real estate professionals and property owners through an intricate journey of cases and statutes that form the conveyance, ownership, and property rights of Indiana as to real estate.
The Encumbrance volume of the ILTA Handbook is an over 35 year journey of the Indiana Land Title Association to guide the real estate industry through approximately 200 years of Indiana history of various rights and interests affecting the ownership of land. Approximately 200 pages illustrate the vast expanse of property and lien rights that title and real estate professionals navigate through to provide a snapshot and due diligence needs for minimizing or maximizing real estate title, liens, and covenants or rights that afford the use, preservation, security, and access to land and its waterways. Also included are sections on mortgages, federal and state tax liens and mechanics liens. Whether you are a creditor or a property owner, or someone who plays a role in the preservation or transfer of land, the encumbrance section discloses simple to complex encumbrances that lien, restrict, or limit the ownership of Indiana land.

What is ILTA?

A lot has changed in our industry, but our strong commitment to our members remains the same. Since its formation in 1907, the Indiana Land Title Association has worked to protect the land title industry in Indiana. Amid the changing regulations and the ups and downs of the market, ILTA has stood by its members to offer high-quality education, networking opportunities, and legislative advocacy. We stand for the highest principles of professionalism and consumer protection, advocating for the safe and efficient transfer of real property. A home is likely the largest investment any individual will make in his or her lifetime, and by ensuring accurate searches, promoting fair and professional closings, and supporting important insurance coverages, ILTA protects Indiana consumers' property rights.